Add Glass For Fire Pits To Your Decorating Plans


If you want to make a space feel warmer and more relaxing, adding fire as part of your decor can have a huge impact. Homes with fireplaces continue to sell for more than those that don’t have them, and this isn’t because people view them as an easy and cheap source of heat. It’s simply a recognition that most of us really enjoy the chance to sit near a fire and watch the flames dance. Even relaxing nearby while reading a book or watching television feels more relaxing than it otherwise would.

Glass For Fire Pits Makes It Even Better

As you’re shopping for a fireplace or fire pit for your home, you have a lot to consider. It’s a lot easier to go with a unit that’s designed to use gas or propane because it spares you from having to worry about buying a large supply of wood and then stacking it within reach. This style is also a lot easier to switch on and off quickly, which makes it better for relaxing than a fireplace you’d have to struggle to coax into life

The apparent downside of these, though, is that there’s nothing actually there that looks like it’s burning because the gas is invisible. This doesn’t look as attractive, so people sometimes fill the gap with special fake logs that are designed to be able to withstand the heat of the fire without being damaged.

That’s not your only option, though. Once you break away from the mold that says your fire should look like it’s burning wood, you can do some remarkable things with fireplace glass. It catches the light and sparkles, can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, and it even holds onto and radiates heat in a way that makes the overall unit more efficient as a source of warmth for your space

Stick With Tempered Fire Glass

It would be a big mistake, however, to assume you can drop any glass for fire pits at all into the space and get good results. First, of course, random glass from something like broken bottles isn’t likely to look very good. It may also have dangerously sharp edges.

Even if you’re buying more rounded and attractive pieces, such as sea glass, it may not actually be safe to use as glass for fire pits. The products that are actually intended for this purpose are specially tempered to ensure that they are strong enough to handle the heat without cracking, popping, or exploding. An ordinary piece of glass that’s intended to decorate a bowl or a planter, on the other hand, isn’t designed to hold up against the same kind of heat. It could react in a way that might seriously hurt someone.

If you’re looking forward to the idea of fire on glass as a part of your new decorating scheme, you can easily go online to order everything you need. You can even have small sample bags of glass for fire pits sent to you that will give you a sense of how different styles and colors look in person. This is important because, as hard as companies may try to be as honest in their product presentations as possible, computer monitors aren’t all calibrated the same way. It’s possible for the same picture to look different when displayed on two different monitors.


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