A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Your First Fire Pit

If you are in the market for your first fire pit, there are a lot of factors you should consider before making your purchase. In addition to choosing the style of pit, bowl, or outdoor fireplace that you like, it is also important to take steps to ensure that your yard is prepped and ready to go before it arrives.

Scouting out the perfect location is essential so that you can maximize its entertainment value and visual appeal in your yard. Learning more about the delivery and installation process will also help you prepare for the next steps once you’ve chosen the right option for your home. Keep the following tips handy as you go through your journey so you can easily find the perfect pit and have it operational in your yard in no time.


What Kind of Fire Pit Is Right for You?

Choosing your first pit is an important process that should receive the time and attention to detail it deserves. This is your chance to add to your yard with an item that displays both your personality and style. Luckily, pits and bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so you will be sure to find the one that is perfect. According to Professional Builder Magazine’s 2012 Outdoor Living Survey, pits and outdoor fireplaces continue to grow in popularity.

So what kind of pit is right for you?


  • Portable – A portable option allows you to set up the party wherever you want in your yard. You aren’t confined to one area, and can put chairs and other furniture around the pit as needed, depending on the occasion and amount of guests. These are lightweight and easy to set up and get started.
  • Permanent – A permanent solution is built into the ground and is more of a focal point in your yard. Since it is staying in once place, it is a good idea to choose a permanent fireplace that matches the décor and materials of the rest of the yard, such as with a brick base. You can work with a contractor on a custom design for your yard to include your pit, or install it yourself.
  • Fuel Type – Would you prefer a wood-burning pit, or one that uses gas or ethanol instead? While a wood fire burns hotter, it also can cause embers to jump out, so be careful and use a screen if necessary. Fuel type may also be dictated by where you choose to set up the pit.


What Is the Best Location?

Before you invest in a new pit for your yard, it is important to scout out the right location. In addition to figuring out where you get the most bang for your buck, in terms of use and proximity to the grill, pool, and other features, you must also be mindful of city laws.

Many towns, and possibly housing communities, have restrictions and guidelines in place for fire pits. These rules say how far from the house and your neighbors’ yards the pit must be in order to reduce the risks associated with having open flames.

It is critical that you check with your local city hall, especially before beginning a large-scale renovation and installing a permanent outdoor fireplace. Even if you only plan to buy a portable pit, check the rules and regulations to ensure that you avoid fines.

When it comes to the location in your yard, you have a number of options. Ultimately, the optimal location will be found by determining how you are most likely to use your new pit.

For example, if you have a large outdoor space, you can choose to set up your fire bowl in its own area to create a new focal and gathering point. You can also make your new permanent pit an extension of your existing patio layout to increase seating options for family and friends. Portable fireplaces are also great poolside fixtures, so you can warm up after going for a swim.



Preparing for the Pit Before It Arrives

For those investing in a permanent solution, there are a few extra steps to take after purchasing your new pit. If you plan to build your new pit on your own, you will want to begin measuring out the area it will go in your yard and preparing for construction. This includes purchasing concrete and mortar mixtures, as well as the rock or other materials you will use to build the base of your pit.

It is also smart to look at various lighting fixtures and seating options so that you can make the most out of your new space. For many, the point of owning a pit is to create a campfire atmosphere. Therefore, you don’t want to go overboard with bright lights shining in your backyard. However, energy-efficient string lighting and path lights to direct people to and from the area help enhance the space. Once your new pit arrives, you will have everything you need to be up and running in no time.


Shipping, Delivery, and Installation Information

When you find the perfect new pit for your yard, the last thing you want is to have to break your budget on shipping and delivery charges. Starfire Direct makes it easy to discover a new outdoor fireplace for the right price while also ensuring that you are able to stay comfortably within your budget. Starfire Direct offers free shipping on select items. This helps homeowners around the country – and even some outside of the United States – get what they want without worry.

Once your new pit arrives, view helpful instruction videos to assist with the installation process. If your project is more involved, your contractor will be able to provide professional installation so all you need to do is prepare for your first event around the fire. Before, during, and after installation it is extremely important to maintain high levels of fire pit safety.



Safety Precautions to Take

After you’ve completed installation, it is important to ensure that proper safety measures are taken each time you use your new pit. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), outside fireplaces or pits cause nearly 3,700 grass and brush fires each year. Although, not all fireplaces produce embers and wood burning fire features tend to be the cause of brush fires, it is good to take safety precautions while using any fire pit.

In order to avoid becoming a statistic and causing possible damage to your home, neighbors, and the community, follow these guidelines:

  • Check the direction of the wind before lighting a fire. Heavy winds can blow embers out of the fire and spark brush or other items.
  • Do not use flammable liquid to start or restart a fire, because these can create bursts that cause personal injury.
  • Do not get too close to the fire or wear loose or flammable clothing around your pit.
  • Read all instructions for safe operation of your pit, and know the type of fuel to use to keep risks low.
  • Safely dispose of all ashes.
  • Invest in gas or propane fire pits that do not produce embers.


Ongoing Maintenance for Your Fire Pit

It is a smart idea to check the owner’s manual to get the full picture when it comes to maintenance for your fire pit. This includes removing ashes after each use and keeping the screen clean to avoid the buildup of potentially harmful particles. When it comes to the rest of your yard, you want to be sure to remove any undergrowth, because this can create a fire hazard and can potentially ignite. Use warm, soapy water and a whisk brush to clean off the screen. This allows your pit to continue to look great, while also keeping its necessary ventilation clear.

If you need assistance with maintenance, you can work with a professional service to take care of the job or get more information from the manufacturer so no step is overlooked. With these tips in mind, buying your first pit will be a walk in the park!



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