7 Easy Home & Backyard Upgrades

Spring isn’t far off, and you’re likely to start seeing more invites for backyard BBQs and parties appearing on your social media and in your mailbox. If you’re someone who likes hosting, whether a grand party for thirty or an intimate gathering of four, you may soon have the desire to update your space. We’ve gathered a few ideas for upgrades that are relatively easy to implement, and sure to pack a stylish punch in your entertaining area.


1. Rugs

Even man's best friend will love a new rug, like this Escape ESC03-22 Navy Rug by Kaleen.

When your outdoor space needs a refresh, rugs are a great way to add texture, color, and comfort. The rug industry has come a long way with their technology; no more terribly rough synthetic weave. Nowadays many outdoor rug companies, such as Kaleen Rugs, have perfected the art of luscious indoor-outdoor rugs, which are just as they sound—designed for use inside your home or out. With a new rug at your feet, you’ll be amazed at how different your space can look and feel.


2. Propane Tank Covers

Not only does the Hideout by Brown Jordan Fires hide the propane tank well, it also acts as a great side table.

For those fire lovers who utilize liquid propane fuel for their fire pit or fire bowl, one of the biggest hurdles from a designer’s perspective is having to deal with the unsightly tank. So, friends, let us introduce you to an awesome accessory: the propane tank cover (sometimes called a holder). These hard covers are available in many shapes, colors, and styles, and hide your propane tank away while also offering additional table top space. Most also feature handles, enabling you to uncover the tank easily should you need to access it.


3. Fire Pit Shapes

It's easy to make a statement with a fire pit ornament, such as the Desert Sticks by The Outdoor Plus.

To add extra pizazz to your existing gas fire pit or table, there are a variety of accents that can be simply dropped onto your fire media, requiring no hookup. Some of our favorites are The Outdoor Plus’ ornaments, such as the Desert Sticks, which add a unique contemporary flair to any fiery feature. The most popular shape style, commonly referred to as fire balls, are available from a few brands in different materials and colors to match your space.


4. Fireplace Screens & Doors

Elegant and time-tested, spark screens such as this one are a great addition to any hearth.

Classic wood burning fireplaces always look good with a set of stylish doors, but another thing you can add to them, as well as to any gas fireplace, is a spark screen or guard. Not only do these offer an extra level of safety, as they protect your home or business from pesky sparks, but they can also add additional panache to pull your space together. From clean and modern looks to ornate and grand ones, there’s something for everyone.


5. Throw Pillows

Nothing says "sit back and get cozy" quite like an assortment of throw pillows, such as these Sunbrella Pillows by Pawleys Island Hammocks.

Toss a bit of color here, and a splash of color there with a throw pillow in your favorite hue and pattern. These accents work both for indoor spaces and outdoors, depending on the fabric of course, and are incredibly easy to change with each passing season. Sunbrella fabric is a fantastic material for use outside, and Pawleys Island Hammocks offers square pillows in this material in a myriad of combinations. Similarly, Zuo has a wide selection of indoor throw pillows in patterns that will match every space.


6. Indoor Ceiling Light Fixtures

The Belfast Ceiling Lamp by Zuo offers the perfect amount of light for a dining room or other large space.

When it comes to indoor spaces, ample lighting is a surefire way to create a welcoming and upbeat atmosphere. Switching out your old light fixtures for something newer doesn’t take too much time and can really improve the overall style of your space. Choose a single bulb pendant fixture for focused ambiance in smaller spaces or indulge in a ceiling lamp that features many bulbs for brilliant shine that spreads throughout a larger area.


7. Awnings

Awnings come in many sizes and bases, such as the Freestanding Awning (left) and the Twin Awning (right) by FIM Umbrellas.

Traditional umbrellas are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, but if you’re someone who is intrigued by the unique, an awning might be more up your alley. Awnings also provide significant, arguably even more, shade than standard umbrellas, and can be angled throughout the day to keep the sun’s rays off for a full day of sun-less sun bathing. Popular with resorts and restaurants, awnings are a high-class alternative to the classic umbrella.


You don’t need to spend lots of time and money on updates to your rooms. Sometimes a simple pair of throw pillows and a statement fire piece are enough to transform your space. If you have questions about any of the products highlighted here or want some additional suggestions on updates for your indoor or outdoor areas, our staff is eager to assist you. Give us a call at (866) 587-8538, live chat us, or contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

Main Image: Throw pillows such as these Sunbrella Pillows by Pawleys Island Hammocks are an easy way to add lots of color to your space.


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