5 DIY Projects to Beautify Your Backyard

Your backyard is one of the most versatile, useful places in your home and, with the right layout and décor, you can truly elevate it to be a place you’ll never want to leave.

Improving your backyard doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money. In fact, there are many ways you can spruce up your outdoor area, often for very little money and in a short amount of time. So, below we’ve included some tried-and-true ways to give your backyard that extra bit of wow factor that you’re looking for.

  • Table Planter – Cut a rectangular hole lengthwise in an old table, and put a box with drainage holes in it. Now you can fill it with a layer of rocks and then soil, and put some easy-to-care-for succulents in it. It’s a conversation starter and a beautiful, natural addition to your outdoor seating area. Or, you can just put a rectangular container in the cutout, and then fill it with ice and cold drinks for when you have guests over.
  • Re-purpose a Tree Stump or Log – You can create an impressive table by attaching a simple plywood table top to a tree stump. Secure it by screwing the table top into the stump or otherwise affixing it. Or, you can hollow out the top portion of it to create a one-of-a-kind planter. You can also use a tree stump as a unique side table: putting it on casters might be a good idea, making it easier to move around.
  • Chandelier – You can take a hula hoop, wrap it in lace or other fabric using hot glue, and attach holiday lights to it to make a chandelier. Or, instead of a hula hoop, you can use thin branches from shrubs or trees for a more natural look.
  • Create a Path – You can lay wooden planks – all cut to the roughly the same length – in the shape of a path. You can also lay flat stones directly into the ground, or create a slightly sunken pathway, filling it with small stones or gravel, and leaving it like that, or adding larger stepping stones for a contrasting effect. Create your path in a curved or “S” shape to give it a graceful appearance.
  • Seating Area – You can create a bench of any size. All you need to do is stack cinder blocks in the shape of whatever bench you want, or stack discarded wooden pallets into any shape. Then, add some cushions on top – which you can make for cheap with some foam, plywood, and fabric. Arrange your seating area around a fire pit or fire bowl for a striking backyard feature.

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