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Which connection kit option do I need?

To ensure a smooth fire pit installation, it is important to understand what your project needs are.

A simple burner and pan combo, which includes just that, offers the freedom to customize your fire pit based on your project needs. Optional connection kits (sold separately) are available for purchase should you determine you need it at a later time.

Built-In Connection Kit
A Built-In Connection Kit is an ideal option for fire pits utilizing a natural gas or a direct plumbed propane hard line.

Portable Connection Kit
A Portable Connection kit is a great option for fire pits utilizing a liquid propane tank as it offers the added convenience of connecting or disconnecting from the tank when the fuel source runs out.

Where should the handles on my spark guard be?
A spark guard is a usually dome-shaped piece of mesh metal that is placed over the opening of a wood-burning fire pit to contain the sparks, ash, and soot that is produced while the fire pit is in use. This accessory includes handles that aid in removing the spark guard from the unit. The shape of your fire pit will dictate the placement of your handles on the spark guard. If your fire pit features a surrounding table top or wide rim, you will want to purchase a spark guard with handles on top to make removing the piece easier. If your fire pit has no rim or if the shape of your fire pit allows it, you can choose to have handles on top or on the bottom, as long as the size is compatible with your fire pit.

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