Sunpak S25 Infrared Heater - Black
Sunpak S25 Infrared Heater - Black
Sunpak S25 Infrared Heater - Black
Sunpak S25 Infrared Heater - Black
Sunpak | S25 NG

Sunpak S25 Infrared Heater - Black

$1,440.00 $1,784.00


Sunpak Stainless Steel Outdoor Heater S25 for $1,429.00 is an outdoor rated heater available for use with natural gas. Order NOW (866)578-8538

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The Sunpak BlackS25 Outdoor Heater is an Outdoor Rated Heater that has availibilty of use with Natural Gas or Propane Fuel. The unique and slim design of this heaters makes it blend seamlessly with your existing decor, and the mounting capability of this model makes it applicable to being mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

This model includes a 24 VAC spark ignition system which includes flame monitoring through flame purification, and this heater requires an external 24 VAC source to operate. Since the S25 is unvented, it needs a continuous flow of fresh air and proper ventilation of combustion gases for optimal operation. This model is not suitable for use indoors and any area that is confined where air flow is limited.

Sunpak heaters use a fully automatic On/Off control system, and a switch or timer is required for use. This timer, switch, or other control device is to be supplied by the installer. Radiant heat comes out through the aluminum grill below, and hot exhaust gases exit from the top of the unit.The use of the S25is not compatible with a soffit or recessed ceiling. TheS25 features a lower radiant heat output which allows the heater to be installed in patios with lower ceiling height.

*Note: Certain Clearences are required when using this product.For more information, please contact our expert technical staff: (866)-578-8538*

Product Features:

  • Free Shipping!!!
  • Includes Mounting Hardware and Transformer
  • One Year Warranty on Parts
  • CSA Certified
  • Electronic ignition
  • Available in a beautiful black finish
  • Input Rating: 25,000 BTU


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