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Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves - Starfire Direct
Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves - Starfire Direct
Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves - Starfire Direct
Napoleon | 62140

Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves

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These stlish suede Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves protect the user's hands and forearms from the heat of the grill up to very high temperatures.

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Protect your hands and forearms with these Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves. These stylish lightweight but ultra-heat resistant gloves eliminate the concern of burning oneself out of the grilling equation and allows you to enjoy the outdoor cooking experience. Never stay out of the kitchen because you can't take the heat, opt for the Napoleon PRO Heat Resistant Gloves to help shield against extreme temperatures.

These gloves are made with the finest quality black and gray suede, providing maximum utility as well as a unique appearance. The suede fabric is especially suitable for high temperatures as the leather material is thin enough to allow for maximum dexterity so that you can still have that same perfect grilling performance. These gloves extend past the wrists, protecting both hands and forearms from direct contact with extreme temperatures. They also feature a secure grip surface, so your favorite tongs won't slip out of your hands. With this must-have accessory, you’ll always be ready to tackle the outdoor kitchen heat.


  • Designed with Premium Black and Gray Suede
  • Provides Protection for Both Hands and Forearms
  • Complete with a Secure Grip Surface
  • Includes Single Pair


color Gray
location Outdoor
material Suede
quick ship Yes
warranty 1 Year Limited
weight 2 lbs

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