Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In
Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In
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Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In

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Your Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In Grill Cover will keep your built-in grill protected from the elements and will keep it clean in between uses.

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Your Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In Grill Cover will ensure that your built-in grill is in pristine condition each time you plan on entertaining guests. Designed to specifically fit your Napoleon PRO 825, this is a must-have solution for your outdoor cooking needs. This accessory ensures you get the most out of your grill investment for many years to come.

The heavy-duty PVC polyester material ensures that your Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In Grill can stand up to the outdoor elements. From a spring drizzle to a winter storm, your grill will be protected through it all. This grill cover features a 3" ventilation strip which ensures that excess moisture is not allowed to accumulate under the cover when it's in place. When you're using the grill, simply hang the cover up out of the way. Be sure to only place it back onto your grill once the grill has completely cooled down. You've invested well in your outdoor kitchen, so be sure to protect your built-in grill with a cover that is made to last.


  • Designed Specifically for Napoleon PRO 825 Built-In Grills
  • Heavy Duty PVC Polyester Construction
  • Features Metal Hanging Loops for Easy Storage
  • Includes Ventilation Strip to Reduce Moisture Buildup


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