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Napoleon Apple Wood Chips - Starfire Direct
Napoleon Apple Wood Chips - Starfire Direct
Napoleon Apple Wood Chips - Starfire Direct
Napoleon | 67007

Napoleon Apple Wood Chips

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This 2LB bag of Napoleon Apple Wood Chips impart a light and sweet smoked flavor enhancement to seafood, pork, and fruit that will impress your guests.

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Mild and sweet Napoleon Apple Wood Chips will infuse your food with a flavor that is quite unique. Unlike other woods that offer heavier flavor infusion, apple wood chips are very reminiscent of the delicate sweet scent of the fruit that these trees bear. There are almost as many varieties of apples as there are ways to incorporate these wood chips into your culinary experiences.

The elegant flavors that Apple Wood Chips impart makes them a great choice to pair with seafood. You'll find that your Napoleon Apple Wood Chips can transform salmon and provide a light sweetness that will be perfect for a summer eve dinner on the deck. Other seafood, fish, and shellfish will be enhanced by the flavors of your apple wood chips without overwhelming the natural flavors of the food itself. Use your Apple Wood Chips to smoke fresh fruits and vegetables or to create delicious desserts and sides like bacon wrapped peppers that will amaze your guests. The light sweetness of these wood chips will also pair well with pork tenderloin.

Add more flavor complexity by soaking your wood chips in apple juice or apple cider prior to placing them into your smoker or directly onto the sear plates of your gas grill. Whether prepping a feast for a dozen or a light Sunday supper, Apple Wood Chips are a great way to boost flavor to your dishes.


  • Sweet and Light Flavor Enhancement
  • For Use in Smokers or Grills
  • Medium Burn Wood Chips
  • Includes 2LB Bag
  • Non-Edible


color Tan, Brown
location Outdoor
material Apple Wood
quick ship Yes
weight 2 lbs

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