Glacier Fyre Gems
Real Fyre | GLG-10-C

Glacier Fyre Gems

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Create a dazzling look all your own, with the addition of the durable & beautiful Glacier Fyre Gems to your indoor or outdoor gas fireplace, or fire table.

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You'll definitely be feeling the heat, when you add Glacier Fyre Gems to your indoor or outdoor fire feature. Whether you're using them to enhance your outdoor living space in your fire table, or looking to create a contemporary centerpiece in your indoor fireplace, you'll love the natural ambience these gems introduce.

Designed to add an understated and elegant charm to your fire feature, these tempered glass lovelies will give you many great years of reliable use. Glacier Fyre Gems have been designed to stand up to the heat they'll be exposed to from the gas flame. These glass gems won't crack, melt, or otherwise sustain damage. They are a beautiful and safe choice for use both indoors and outdoors. Use them on their own or mix with other colors for a whimsical look that you'll love. What a conversational starter they are sure to be, each and every time that you entertain.



  • Free Shipping Available on Orders of $99 or More
  • Tempered Shaped Glass
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Ideal for Fireplaces and Fire Tables
  • Will not Melt or Release Toxic Fumes
  • Available in 5 lb, 7.5 lb, and 10 lb Packages


ManufacturerReal Fyre
location Outdoor

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