Galtech International 936 9' Auto-Tilt Umbrella With LED Lights - Black

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Relax under refreshing shade and LED lights with the Galtech International 9' Auto-Tilt Umbrella With LED Lights. Made from aluminum, it features amber colored, bug resistant LED lamps with 3 light options: On, Flash, and Rotate.

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Have you ever been relaxing on the patio or by the pool, and you can't seem to avoid unwanted sunlight? Make shade more easily attainable and adjustability a breeze with the Galtech International 936 Auto-Tilt Umbrella With LED Lights. This aluminum umbrella's Auto-Tilt feature will rid you of your frustration thanks to its easy push-button mechanism. This eliminates the need to move the entire umbrella to the desired spot, but instead, push the button, and adjust the the top of the umbrella to either the left or the right to maximize your shade potential. To create a tranquil and ambient evening on the patio, turn on the LED Lights of this umbrella, and let the amber color of the lights set the perfect tone for an enchanted evening.

This model has the option of either an Antique Bronze finish or a Black finish for the frame, a push-button coupling, d


ManufacturerGaltech International
location Outdoor

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