Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner
Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner
Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner
Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner
Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner
Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner
EcoSmart Fire | ESF.1.B.XL9

Ecosmart Fire XL900 Bioethanol Burner

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EcoSmart Ethanol XL900 Burner - Ethanol fuel, 10-12 hours burn time, brushed stainless steel, indoor and outdoor, safety features - shut-off mechanism, no leak manufacturing. Includes, lighting rod and no-spill refilling can. ESF.B.XL9

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The EcoSmart Fire XL900 Bio-ethanol Burner is an elegant design and is the core product of the EcoSmart Fire line. It offers ultimate flexibility due to its modular design which presents you with the opportunity to create an open fire just about anywhere.

The XL900 is made of the finest 304 stainless steel and each piece is laser cut to ensure that the assembly of these units is perfect. ?A deep-draw fabrication process eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks. ?The flame is safe and easy to extinguish courtesy of a special shut off mechanism. ?The included lighting rod and gliding swivel ring allows you to open the burner and extinguish the flame. ?The "flip lid" shut-off system fits perfectly across the ignition zone to extinguish the flame and when it's open, denies access to the separated filling point as a deterrent to filling the burner while it is in operation. ?A patented filling point is separated from the ignition zone and engineered so that the included jerry can spout is fully supported prior to releasing the fuel supply. ?This eliminates spills and splashes and ensures that the burner is not over-fueled. ?Purpose designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate the flame while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency of the burner. ?

XL Burners are reliable and operate under all conditions and at all temperatures. ?They are perfect for commercial and residential installations and can be installed indoors or outdoors. ?If installing outdoors, the optional lid accessory is a must.?

EcoSmart Fire fireplaces and burners are designed to be used with Denatured Bio-ethanol fuel. ?What is Bio-ethanol? ??Bio-ethanol?or simply 'ethanol' is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products. ?Burning ethanol produces no smoke and no mess and requires no vent or chimney. ?It is clean burning and does not produce any harmful emissions. ?Not all ethanol is created equal so, we recommend the?e-nrg?brand bio-ethanol for use with this product which is specially formulated for peak efficiency in EcoSmart Fire fireplaces.

Product Features:

  • Made of the finest 304 Stainless steel and will not rust
  • Laser cut parts ensure precision assembly
  • Deep draw fabrication eliminates leaks
  • Safe and easy flame extinguishing mechanism
  • Patented filling point eliminates spills and over-fueling
  • Baffle inserts allow flame regulation and promotes fuel efficiency
  • Includes jerry can, lighting rod, and lighter.
  • Usually ships in 5 to 7 days

Included & Optional Accessories:

Jerry Can
Jerry Can (Included)
This included fuel dispenser allows for an easy and safe method of re-fueling your bio-ethanol burner. ?The nozzle fits directly into a designated fueling port and will not produce fuel until you press the spring loaded valve button. ?An equalizing between the burner and the Jerry Can prevents over-fueling. ?This 1.25 gallon capacity container comes standard with your EcoSmart Fire burner. ?An optional 2.5 gallon Jerry Can is available for commercial users or owners of larger burner kits or multiple burner kits/fireplaces.
Lighter and Rod
Lighter and Lighting Rod (Included)
The extendable lighting rod allows you to light your XL series burner while being at a safe distance. ?It also enables you regulate or extinguish the flame while keeping your hands at a comfortable distance from the flame.

XL Series Baffles Baffles (Included)
These included baffles allow you to regulate the flame and heat output. ?More baffles equals less flame and heat. Less or no baffles equals more flame and heat.
Twin Feet Fixing Twin Feet Fire Screen Fixing?(Optional)?
These solid 304 stainless steel brackets are precision made and allow you to effortlessly mount a glass fire screen around your ethanol burner. ?The Twin Feet Fixing kit comes with two stainless steel thimbles that allow each 10" bracket to securely slide into place. Need a custom glass screen? Call us at 866-578-8538 for a quote.
Glass Fire Screens Glass Fire Screens?(Optional)
These beautiful tempered glass screens improve the safety of operating an open fireplace without compromising the view of the flame. ?The screens are made of the finest low-iron glass to eliminate the greenish tint that can be found in inferior quality fireplace screens.




ManufacturerEcoSmart Fire
burner type See-Thru
certification UL Listed
color Silver
depth 7.7"
fuel Ethanol/Gel
heat output 15k BTUs
height 4.4"
ignition Manual Match Lit
location Indoor / Outdoor
material Stainless Steel||Steel||Metal
quick ship Yes
shape Linear
style Modern
vent type Vent Free
warranty Limited
weight 26.9 lbs
width 35.8"

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