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Drain Pump for Ice Maker - Starfire Direct

Drain Pump for Ice Maker

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The Drain Pump for Ice Maker helps you keep your grilling space nice and dry outdoors by pumping excess water away from your outdoor ice maker.

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There's nothing quite like an ice cold drink enjoyed outdoors with friends and family, and the Drain Pump for Ice Maker can make sure that your ice maker operates at its most efficient. Designed specifically for use with the DCS Outdoor Ice Maker, this durable drain pump will remove excess water from melting ice.

No matter the temperature outside, you can keep things frosty with your outdoor ice maker. Whether a birthday party for family or an event for friends and colleagues, you'll appreciate the ability to reach for ice when you need it. You may not have easy access to a floor drain, so this Drain Pump for Ice Maker can be a great solution for you. Rated at 8' for vertical lift, and 20' for horizontal run, the drain pump will pump the melted water away from your ice maker and to the nearest accessible drain. Don't let pooled up puddles put a damper on your next outdoor event. Use this handy drain pump to keep things dry.



  • Drain Pump Kit for DCS Outdoor Ice Maker
  • Removes Excess Water from Melted Ice
  • Pumps Water to Nearest Drain
  • Rated at 8' for Vertical Lift
  • Rated at 20' for Horizontal Run


ManufacturerDCS Appliances
location Outdoor
quick ship Yes
warranty Limited

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