Deluxe Variable Flame Remote Control
Deluxe Variable Flame Remote Control
Real Fyre | VR-2A

Deluxe Variable Flame Remote Control

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Easily and conveniently control the flame height and temperature of your -15 or -17 Real Fyre Pilot fireplace with this Deluxe Remote Control. Get comfy on your favorite chair or spot on the couch, and control your hearth without needing to get up.

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To ensure that your time spent in front of the fire is always relaxing, consider the Deluxe Variable Flame Remote Control for your indoor or outdoor fireplace. This remote control is ideal for flame control and temperature control, and provides an easy, hassle free control of your hearth. No getting up every ten minutes to turn up or down the heat. Instead, get comfortable in your favorite chair or section of the couch, and adjust the flame height and temperature without getting up. The remote itself is straight forward and easy to use, and will provide you with extra time for relaxing in front of your fire.


  • On/Hi, Lo/Off, Mode, and Set Buttons
  • Temperature Display on Remote
  • Receiver Box with Off, On, and Remote Control Setting
  • Variable Flame Height Control
  • Temperature Control
  • For Use with Real Fyre -15 and -17 Pilots


ManufacturerReal Fyre
location Indoor

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