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Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe
Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe
Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe
Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe
Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe
Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe
Nardi | 40316.05.000

Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair - Caffe

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Meant for rigorous every day use, the Darsena reclining outdoor chair was created in Italy. Buy this heavy duty outdoor folding chair & recline in 4 positions!

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This high quality Darsena Reclining Outdoor Folding Patio Chair by Nardi will have your guests talking! It was designed and created in Italy by a well known artist by the name of Raffaello Galiotto. Great attention to detail, comfort and quality was put into the Darsena line. You and your guests are going to love this reclining outdoor chair!

The Darsena allows you to recline into 4 different positions, making for a comfortable experience. In addition to this, anti-slip feet keep it firmly in one place. The uniformly colored resins used to make each Darsena chair are UV protected to ensure longevity in the outdoor elements. This heavy duty outdoor folding chair was designed and built for rigorous everyday use in the commercial, contract and hospitality market so you know that it will last in your own backyard.

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  • Designed by Famed Artist and Designer, Raffaello Galiotto
  • 4 Adjustable Positions 
  • Made of Uniformly colored Fiberglass Polypropylene Resins
  • Contains UV Additives to Protect Against Sun Exposure
  • Constructed to Endure Everyday Hospitality Commercial Use
  • Features Anti-Slip Feet
  • Attractive Caffe/Brown Matte Finish
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: 23.2" W x 44.7" H

Practical and Stylish Features



The Darsena chair offers 4 different reclining positions, which makes it possible for you or your guests to find the perfect angle. Sit back and relax or keep your chair in its upright position while conversing with your guests. This feature was added with your comfort in mind, and will have your guests looking forward to your next social gathering. 

Darsena Adjustable Chair


The Dasena chair has many practical features that make it a must have! One such feature is that it can be easily folded and stored away when not in use, which saves patio or porch space. The Dasena folds into a shape and size that can be conveniently placed in a closet, or other small storage areas. In addition to this, it folds flat enough so that multiple chairs can be stored side by side, while not taking up too much room. 

Darsena Folding Patio Chair

The Darsena was designed with durability, design, and comfort in mind. It's constructed of high quality fiberglass polypropylene resins with UV additives that make it a long lasting, weather resistant chair. It was made to hold up to everyday hospitality market, commercial use, so it will surely stay in great shape in your backyard. The uniform, perfectly spaced circle shaped holes make using this chair on warm days a very comfortable experience. This feature also adds an element of design and style to your chair.

Darsena Folding Patio Chair - Decorative and Breathable

A lot of thought went into creating the Darsena chair by Nardi. This becomes apparent when you think about its included anti-slip feet. This feature is especially important in preventing your patio or porch surface from becoming scratched. It also helps stop your chair from sliding or skidding in general, which makes for a safer user experience. In addition to this, the anti-slip feet are also helpful in reducing noise caused by sliding chairs. 

Darsena Folding Patio Chair - Anti-Slip Feet


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