Crystal Red Eco Glass
Crystal Red Eco Glass

Crystal Red Eco Glass

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Red eco glass beads, smooth fire glass, post-industrial recycled glass, tempered. Ideal for indoor and outdoor fire bowls, fire pits, and fireplaces. Environmentally friendly. Non-uniform sizing varies from

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* Minimum order quantity of 10 lbs.


This product is sold in one pound increments. The minimum quantity per order is 10 lbs.

With our Crystal Red Eco Glass, you can customize your fire feature to your personal taste while also being environmentally friendly. These fire glass beads are recycled from post-industrial glass, which would otherwise be wasted. The fierce and vibrant red of these pieces will add even more power and attention to your fire's flames. Rest assured that the color will never fade, so you'll be able to enjoy that aesthetic and physical warmth for many years to come.

Our customers love the ease of using fire glass, as well. It doesn't produce ash, soot, or smoke residue. Our Crystal Red Eco Glass pieces are the result of a tempering and filtering process that will allow it to withstand such high temperatures. This Crystal Red Eco Glass ranges in size from 1/2" to 1/4", with each piece being completely unique.

If you are in need of something specific, we have many colors and styles to choose from. Please view our wide selection of fire glass. We also provide information on calculating how much fire glass you will need for your fire feature, along with a helpful video tutorial. See our fire glass calculator page for details. If you have any questions, feel free to give one of our helpful team members a call at 866-578-8538.


ManufacturerAmerican Fire Glass
color Crystal Red
location Indoor / Outdoor
material Glass
shape Bead
size 1/4"
style Non-Reflective
warranty Limited Lifetime
weight 1 lb

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