Chelsea Black Anywhere Fireplace
Chelsea Black Anywhere Fireplace
Chelsea Black Anywhere Fireplace

Chelsea Black Anywhere Fireplace

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Uses liquid bio-ethanol fuel, no gas, non-electric, ventless, black onyx finish, indoor, wall mounted fireplace, dramatic contemporary style, modern design, statement piece. Anywhere Fireplace, Chelsea Black, 90202

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Introducing the Chelsea Black Anywhere Fireplace in satin black paint finish! This sleek, wall mounted fireplace features a gracefully curved design that will make a statement in any room! Produce a warm, luxurious, and mellow atmosphere with the beautiful dancing flames of the Chelsea! Create a focal point anywhere you wish: in the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, or anywhere else. This fireplace is easy to install and mounting hardware is included.

This fire feature utilizes bio-ethanol fuel. Bio-ethanol fuel is a wonderful alternative to wood burning, gas burning, and electrical fuel fire features, as it is completely renewable and environment friendly. This liquid fuel is produced from plant by-products, and when burned, emits heat, steam, and Carbon Dioxide. This Carbon Dioxide can then be used by plants to create even more bio-ethanol fuel, continuing the cycle. Another bonus of using bio-ethanol fuel is that it is odorless, non-toxic, and does not produce soot or ash, so cleanup is nonexistent.



  • Indoor, No Chimney Required
  • Contemporary Design
  • Easy Wall Installation
  • Uses Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel


ManufacturerAnywhere Fireplace
location Indoor

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