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36” Round Flat Pan 30” Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit – LPR - Starfire Direct
36” Round Flat Pan 30” Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit – LPR - Starfire Direct
36” Round Flat Pan 30” Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit – LPR - Starfire Direct
36” Round Flat Pan 30” Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit – LPR - Starfire Direct
Starfire Designs | SD-R3630KS-LPR

36" Round Flat Pan 30" Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit - LPR

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36" Round Flat Pan with 30" Stainless Steel Round Fire Ring and Connection Kit with Spark Igniter, and Air Mixer for use with Propane Gas for your fire pit. It features a Raised Hub, Machine Drilled Burner Ports, Tri-Purpose Ignition Ports, and LP Hoses

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36" Round Flat Pan 30" Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit - Propane with Regulator

You deserve the best fire feature in your neighborhood, and with theÊ36" Round Flat Pan 30" Ring Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit - Propane with Regulator by Starfire DesignsÊyou'll have exactly that! Your new fire feature will be the talk of the neighborhood, and when your guests come to visit they'll be immediately drawn to the fire and will love to spend the evening around it enjoying drinks and conversation! We are so confident that you'll love this great kit, as well as its quality and durability, that we are includingÊa 10 year warranty along with it!

Contained within this kit are parts that have been designed to make the most of your propane fire feature, and will create flames that you can be proud of! The fire ring included in this kit is designed with a raised 3/4" hub that stops water from entering into the gas line, where it could otherwise cause problems such as significant noise and other hazards. Staggered and machine drilled burner ports are also a part of the fire ring's design, and work together to create natural looking flames that make efficient use of your propane. By staggering the ports, the gas is spread out to prevent a pattern that might seem unnatural, and by using machine drilled ports, we remove the problems that come with punched burner ports, such as bending metal and restricted gas flow. A BTU rating of up to 175,000 has been attached to this specific fire ring, and is a good indicator of the power of the flames you'll be able to enjoy. With our commitment to providing you with the best possible product, both this fire ring as well as the burner pan included in this kit are made of commercial grade gauge 304 stainless steel, which has been selected for its many helpful qualities, such as its resistance to rust.

The burner pan, as mentioned, is of the highest quality, and has been designed specifically with customer satisfaction in mind. One great design feature of the burner pan is its elimination of the need for fillers. Because of how our burner pans sit inside of your fire feature, your fire media will sit directly on top of the pan, and the space below the pan will be left empty. This void not only means less cost for you, but it also drastically improves the air flow into the air mixer, which then results in better flame combustion. In addition to this design feature, the pan can also be installed by simply dropping it into place, making the task a quick and simple one. Weep holes have been designed into the pan, and act as drains to get rid of any unwanted water. A tri-purpose ignition port is standard in our burner pans, and allows for the use of any one of three ignition systems without the need for a new pan; match lit, battery spark, and electronic are the three compatible systems. Ê

Now that the fire in your fire feature is magnificent, you'll need to select some fire media to give it even more flair and style. Consider looking through our large collection ofÊStarfire GlassÊfire media. Our glass fire media is available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and comes with the relief of lasting a lifetime. With your fire feature completed with the last bit of personal flair, it will become the talk of the neighborhood and will draw your guests in for friendly socializing for years to come!ÊIf you have any questions, feel free to contact a Starfire Direct team member, Monday through Sunday at 866-578-8538.

This product ships out withinÊ5-7 business days!

The following parts are included with this kit:

  • 36" Burner Pan
  • 30" Fire Ring
  • Key Valve
  • Spark Igniter
  • Propane Air Mixer
  • 36" LP Hose
  • 60" LP Hose with Adjustable Regulator

For additional information and installation instructions, please download ourÊFlat Pan with Burner Manual.


Fire Ring Pan Set Icons by Starfire Designs®

Informative and Helpful Video Gallery


Our unique 304 stainless steel fire rings feature staggered and drilled burner ports for increased efficiency, and a raised hub for water prevention.


An adjustable regulator will allow your fire feature to reach its maximum flame potential. Simply adjust the flame height with the regulator knob.


Add color and style to your fire feature with Starfire Glass®. We offer many shapes and sizes to meet your needs, and provide a lifetime warranty.


How Much Fire Glass Will I Need?
Pounds of Fire Glass

Enhance Your Fire Feature Today with these Available Options!
Fire Pit Diagram
Starfire Glass Fire Media

1 - Starfire Glass
Our fire glass will add flare to any fire pit. It's durable enough to last a lifetime and comes in many colors.

Fire Pit Fire Ring by Starfire Designs®
2 - Fire Ring
Made from durableÊ304 Stainless Steel, features Machined Drilled Burner Ports, and a Raised Hub.
Fire Pit Burner Pan
3 - Burner Pan
An easy drop in solution to hold fillers such as fire glass. Allows for ignition system modules to be attached.
Fire Pit Ignition System
4 - Ignition System
An easy safe way to ignite your fire pit by simply pushing a button. Some options and models may vary.
Fire Pit Form Fitting Ledge
5 - Form Fitting Ledge
Create a ledge on the inside of your fire feature. Designed to hold a burner pan with fire pit media.
Fire Pit Propane Air Mixer
6 - Propane Air Mixer
Propane gas requires more oxygen than natural gas, so air mixers are needed for proper combustion.
Fire Pit Whistle Free Flex Line
7 - Whistle Free Flex Lines
Our flex lines are designed to eliminate the very annoying whistle sound created by competitor products.
Fire Feature Key Valve Kit
8 - Key Valve Kits
This key is designed to cut gas flow from the outside of your fire feature. Required by most building codes.
Fire Feature Enclosure Vent
9 - Enclosure Vents
Used with outdoor fire pits fueled by propane. Removes excessive heat or trace gases from building up.


ManufacturerStarfire Designs
assembly required Some Assembly Required
color Stainless Steel
diameter 36"
fuel Propane
heat output 175k BTUs
ignition Push Button Spark
location Outdoor
material 304 Stainless Steel
quick ship Yes
shape Round
warranty Burner Pan: 10 Year Limited

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