36" Rectangle Manual ignition Flame Sensing Fire Pit Insert with 30" Burner
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36" Rectangle Manual ignition Flame Sensing Fire Pit Insert with 30" Burner

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The 36" Rectangle Manual ignition Flame Sensing Fire Pit Insert with 30" Burner is the perfect fire pit kit for those needing a battery operated flame sensing system. This kit includes a manual push button sparking ignition, making it safe and easy to light up. This is a professional UL certified burner system and it's perfect for residential and commercial installations. This insert comes with a whistle-free flex line that eliminates the typical high pitched whistle noise heard with other lines. The flex line also offers flexibility and a simpler installation.ᅠ

With any fire feature, the biggest concern is always safety, and this insert  is as safe as they come. This fire pit insert puts safety first with its incredible flame sensing technology. While in action, a thermocouple constantly monitors the fire. If the flames ever blow out, the gas or propane flow is stopped, eliminating any hazardous gas build up.

This insert is shipped fully assembled and ready to drop into your fire feature.  If you're looking for a flame sensing fire pit insert but don't have available electricity, then this insert kit is perfect for you. If you have any questions, contact one of our  team members at 866 578-8538.


  • Free Shipping
  • Control Box with Pilot Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Pan and Burner
  • Adjustable Flame Height
  • Rated Up to 90K BTUs
  • Flame Sensing Technology
  • Whistle Free Flex Line
  • Manual Spark Igniter
  • 3 Year Residential Warranty
  • UL Certified


HPC H-Burner

30" x 8" H-Burner (Included)
This fire pit insert comes complete with a high quality H-Burner. This burner is made specifically for outdoor fire pits, and has a raised hub designed to prevent water from getting into your gas line. The hub is made using a heavy duty 1/2" coupler. The tubing is 1/2'' 304 stainless steel with the burner ports drilled at a 30 degree angle for a full and seamless flame pattern.
HPC Rectangle Burner Pan

36" x 14" Rectangle Bowl Pan (Included)
This bowl style pan is made of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel.ᅠThe pan is 2 3/8" deep and has a 1 3/8" lip around the whole top. This bowl type pan is designed to rest on a ledge inside your fire pit and support the weight of the fire media that's placed inside of it.

HPC Control Box
Control Box (Included)
The control box is used on a manual spark, flame sensing ignition system. In order to have a safe controlled gas flow, this system uses a standing pilot with thermocouple sensing. It also allows you to control the height of your flame so it can always be as bright or dim, hot or warm as you wish.

HPC FPPK Mounting Sleeve

Control Box Mounting Sleeve (Optional)
This stainless steel mounting sleeve can be mortared in place with block or fastened to stone or metal. The sleeve measures 7.75" W x 3.25" H x 6.25" D. 
Adjustable support bracket is included. 

Propane Conversion Kit
Propane Conversion Kit (Included with Propane Models Only)
This propane conversion kit is also known as an air mixer or venturi.ᅠAs propane flows through the center orifice, air and oxygen are sucked into the air mixer and combine with the propane gas. The result is proper combustion and a much cleaner burning flame. Soot and smoke are greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether.
Starfire Glass
Fire Glass (Optional)
Fire glass is a stylish way to dress up your fire pit. It's designed for use in natural gas and propane fire pits. Once poured onto your fire pit insert, the fire glass hides the burner mechanisms, and the flames appear to dance on top of the glass as it sparkles and shimmers below. When using fire glass with this burner system, be sure that the safety pilot is not completely buried. View our fire glass selection.

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