30" Round Stainless Steel Fire Ring

30" Round Stainless Steel Fire Ring

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Look no further than theᅠFRS-30ᅠFire Ring for the optimal use of your fire feature.ᅠ These durable, stainless steel fire rings have drilled burner ports that have a precise, staggered design to ensure more gas flow for the appearance of a fuller flame.ᅠ Not just enhancing the appearance of your feature, but these rings also boast a raised hub that prevents water and other elemental exposure from damaging your feature.ᅠ Prepare to be amazed and bring new life to your fire pit or fire bowl with theᅠFRS-30ᅠFire Ring!

Special Features:

Fire Ring
Also available in LP-Propane
The LP-propane option comes with the appropriate air mixer and fittings. Using the air mixer and the fittings is necessary for your safety and the safety of everyone around you. The air mixer is made out of brass, and it's used to initiate proper combustion to get your fire going. To better understand how the propane installation works, check out our video:
How to build a fire pit with propane gas

Round Fire Ring Burner Raised Hubᅠ
Theseᅠ30" Fire Ringsᅠwere madeᅠᅠwere specifically made to have its hub raised above the centric rings, which allows it to keep water from getting into the valve or gas line. This allows your burner to last and work longer, as well as making it safer to use.ᅠ

Fire Ring Burner Holes
Staggered Burner Ports
Unlike other Fire Rings, thisᅠ30" Ringᅠhas staggered ports, meaning the ports do not align but are placed unevenly which gives the appearance of a bigger flame.ᅠ
Note: When placed in your fire pit, these ports should be facing up.ᅠ
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