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3/4" Propane Air Mixer - Starfire Direct
3/4" Propane Air Mixer - Starfire Direct
3/4" Propane Air Mixer - Starfire Direct
3/4" Propane Air Mixer - Starfire Direct
Starfire Designs | SD-AM300

3/4" Propane Air Mixer

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3/4" Propane Air Mixer

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Most Propane (LP) burners require an air mixer, such as thisÊ3/4" Propane Air Mixer. Why? For one cubic foot of Natural Gas, you only require ten cubic feet of oxygen for combustion. However, for every one cubic foot of Propane Gas, you needÊ24Êcubic feet of oxygen for combustion. Since Propane gas needs more oxygen than Natural Gas, air mixers must be used to obtain proper propane combustion. It can be an essential tool for your propane burner, with the additional benefit of reducing soot production created from using pure propane. We host onlineÊpropane gas factsÊto help you get the most out of this mixer.

Starfire Designs recommends working with a licensed professional who has experience in installing gas fire features. This expert will ensure that your mixer is installed correctly, both for your safety and for the prime operation of your propane burner. If you do end up installing it yourself, then please thoroughly test your burner before putting away your tools.

Made of durable brass, thisÊPropane Air MixerÊis crafted to work reliably for years to come. Our customer service representatives are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, so if you have questions or need technical support, please give us a call at (866) 578-8538. You can also reach us via email at


  • 3/4Ó Male to Male Thread
  • 100% Brass
  • Qty. 1


ManufacturerStarfire Designs
color Yellow
diameter 0.75"
fuel Propane
location Outdoor
material Brass
quick ship Yes
shape Cylinder

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