24" Real Fyre Coastal Driftwood Vented Gas Logs
Real Fyre | CDR-24

24" Real Fyre Coastal Driftwood Vented Gas Logs

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These Coastal Driftwood Logs make a wonderful addition to your fireplace, and are compatible with most Real Fyre burners (sold separately).

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Please Note: These logs make a wonderful addition to your fireplace, and are compatible with most Real Fyre burners(sold separately). This listing is for the logs only.


Starting a fire should be followed by hours of enjoyment. Our 24" Real Fyre Coastal Driftwood Vented Gas Logs offer top of the line composition for your environment of a full fire without the inconvenient mess.

Real Fyre Gas Logs are made in America gas fire products, hand painted by Real Fyre artisans to create the authentic look of a real wood burning fire. The logs are made of the finest ceramics and steel reinforced to keep their look and shape while enduring the higher temperatures done by the gas.

Real Fyre offers a great amount of options to customize the look of your fireplace experience by selecting one of three gas burner types. 

Burner Options

  • G4 Burner - Is the tried and true burner. This single burner is traditional in its design and purpose, while adding an extra glow to an already gorgeous gas log set.
  • G45 Burner- This double burner is our most popular seller. In addition to the main burner, a secondary burner is in place to enhance the glowing embers providing the most realistic look.
  • P Burner- The Pan is designed to have flames cover the entire pan, giving your fireplace a full flame effect.

Real Fyre offers multiple options when it comes to their hand made accessories as well. Our decor packs. Choose from an assortment of handcrafted units ranging from  acorns, pinecones and wood chips for a one of a kind look to your fireplace. Oak wood has been known to be a symbol of endurance and strength. Real Fyre decided to take it just a little bit farther in this thought. They wanted wood that would not burn away. Save time from regular fire wood, and invest in Real Fyre Gas Logs to start enjoying a rich and lasting fire today and for years to come.

Product Features:

• Refractory Steel Reinforced Gas Logs
• Customizable 
• Hand Painted
• Realistic Charred Look
• Modeled After Actual Wood Logs
• Made in the USA
• Multiple Burner Options Available
• Multiple Ignition Types Available


ManufacturerReal Fyre
location Indoor

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