1 Zone Remote Analog Control With Digital Timer

1 Zone Remote Analog Control With Digital Timer

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1 Zone Remote Analog Control With Digital Timer

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Maintenance of your infrared heating system and reducing your overall heating cost is now made even easier! Get more function, save your money. and conserve energy by purchasing a 1Zone Remote Analog Control With Digital Timerfor your home infrared heating system. This is part of a custom control package, and this device enables you to regulate the amount of heat output coming from your system by just a simple flip of a switch and the turn of a knob. This device is produced by a UL 508 listed manufacturer, and this device can be made applicable to your heating application.

This device requires a  Zone Main Relay Control Box in order for your custom package to be complete. The one zone analog control can control up to 3 heaters on a relay control box. If you have any technical questions about this device or how it can work with your current heating system, please call our expert technical staff: (866)-538-8538.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:"Zone" refers to the area where the heater will be mounted and the area that will get heat distribution. Only a 9,000 Watt Maximum is permitted per zone.For example, if you were to use multiple heaters in one zone, the heaters would require even Watt distribution between each. For example, using three heaters would require that each be 3,000 Watts. Two heaters would require each at 4,500 Watts, etc.


Product Features:

  • UL Listed
  • Requires Infratech Zone Relay Control Box
  • Controls up to 3 zones on a relay control box
  • Made in the USA
  • One Year Warranty


ManufacturerInfratech Comfort
location Outdoor

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