Terra Flame

Terra Flame, from North Cape Fire, offers classic designs and current trends at an exceptional value. This brand is known to take your ordinary wood-burning or propane fire feature, and transform it into an eco-friendly, indoor or outdoor work of art. Terra Flame products are the only ones like it on the market where safety and ease of operation were the primary focus of the design.

With today's living in mind, they combine multiple style esthetics with worldly charm. Terra Flame does not limit their fire products to the outdoors, but rather expand the versatility of design with pure and environmentally friendly options. Priding themselves on creating not only beautiful and unique products, they provide a clean-burning alternative to propane, natural gas, and wood-burning fire features.

This brand has one of the world’s only designer collections of home decor that uses single-use Isopropyl Alcohol based gel canisters. These products have a refillable burner which is reloaded much like a candle once it has burned out. Sunjel, the preferred fuel of Terra Flame Home, is one of the cleanest burning fuels on earth. Experience this odorless, smokeless, eco-friendly fuel with any of their quality indoor or outdoor pieces.