Your outdoor party is a huge hit. Everyone is having fun, eating well, and enjoying their time together in the fresh air. No one wants the party to end, but when the sun sets and the chilly air creeps in, the party has to head inside. Or does it? With a patio heater or two, your perfect outdoor party doesn’t have to end. With just a click of a button or a flick of a switch, your guests can warm up. And even better, with a range of prices, a patio heater is a luxury that’s well in reach.

Warm Up

A patio outdoor heater is the perfect addition to your outside entertaining space, no matter what climate you live in. Midwest autumn nights can get pretty chilly, but with a few tabletop patio heaters, your outdoor poker game can continue into dusk. Desert nights can get chilly too, but your patio outdoor heater can turn a poolside gathering into a star-gazing evening.

At Starfire Direct, we offer many options on patio heaters for sale. We know that we have the perfect one for your style and entertaining needs. We have wall-mounted options, free-standing, and table top heaters. We have electric and natural gas options to choose from as well.

Don't ever worry about leaving your patio heater outside to brave the elements, since all of our patio outdoor heaters are built to withstand the sun, rain, cold, and snow. Our heaters are constructed to be weather-resistant, and you can be rest assured that your heater will work come springtime, even after a long winter.

Our patio heaters for sale come in a variety of designs that will suit any style. From contemporary to traditional, our heaters are beautiful, stand alone design elements that will keep guests warm and your party going.

Accessorize and Protect

Once you choose your heater, take a look at our accessories and protectors. While our patio heaters for sale are weather resistant and CSA Certified, it is always good to give an extra layer of protection from the elements. You can give that extra protection to the heater head, or the entire length of the structure.

Our accessories feature everything from wheels for easy moving to a control box for easy monitoring. Make your heater experience that much better with a few of our accessories.

The party doesn’t have to end early, and you don’t have to cram everyone inside your home. An outdoor party can stay warm and bright with one or more of our patio heaters. Plus, each heater is a beautiful part of the design that seamlessly blends in and doesn’t stick out. Take a look at our options and find one that complements your outdoor space perfectly. Then, plan your next barbeque menu and invite a few guests over to test it out!