Whether you’re having the neighbors over for a barbecue, chatting up a few old friends on a warm summer night, or curling up with a good book, your patio can be the perfect setting for countless cherished moments. However, like any part of your home, your patio deserves to be upgraded from time to time in order to keep things interesting. These changes can be as simple as trading in your mix-matched patio furniture for a cozy new patio set, or as large-scale as a complete makeover. Either way, we have all of your patio project needs covered at Starfire Direct.

Your backyard should be something you’re proud of, whether you plan on sharing it with loved ones or keeping it for yourself—you know, as your own secret little escape. For those of you who want to go big or go home, start off by giving your patio a bit of structure—invest in one of Starfire Direct’s beautifully crafted gazebos and pergolas from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.

Sonoma 16

If you’re interested in a structure with a rustic, homey appeal, go for Starfire Direct’s Sonoma 16. Imagine eating brunch in your very own outdoor room crafted from Douglas fir, the soft rays of sunlight trickling through the lattice roof and resting warm on your skin. It’s almost enough to make you sigh.

The Sonoma 16 is fashioned with an elegant arched roof, is colored to look like redwood, and comes precision cut, complete with hardware, and easy to assemble. To complete the look, we also offer an optional stucco base and lattice roof to pull it all together.

The Lodge II

After assembling your very own Lodge II in your backyard, you will feel as if you’ve been taken to a lodge in the mountains, the cool breeze blowing through your hair and the scent of roasted marshmallows ever-present. Crafted from Douglas fir and finished with an oil based mocha stain, your pergola is not only beautiful, but it is built to last. The finish withstands sun and creates a weatherproof barrier, the roof (which can be your choice of wood or metal) provides ample shade, and the structure itself is—the words we all want to hear—very low-maintenance.

Your gazebo will be easy to install, the anchor system and all required hardware included, and it is made in the USA!

Tuscany II

All of our gazebos and pergolas are elegant, but the Tuscany II takes elegance to a new level. Not only is it gloriously attractive, what with its column-and-beam arbor, but it practically begs to be decorated. No other investment you can make will transform your patio space as easily and affordably as the Tuscany II, let alone leave you feeling like you’re in some sort of Italian paradise.

This structure is weatherproof, features a heavy-duty trellis, and a charming wood and stone finish. Each column needs to be secured for maximum stability, whether you assembling it on a deck, patio, or on the ground, but as long as you have the space you need, the installation is quite easy (can be completed with about two hours of work for two people) and the single tool you’ll need is provided.

Transform your patio today by investing in one of our expertly crafted structures. For any questions about Starfire Direct’s gazebos and pergolas, call us toll free at 866-578-8538!