Mantel Mount

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Mantel Mount offers a product that will enhance your life, and make your television-watching hours just that much more enjoyable.

You've designed and installed the perfect fire feature in your home. You've settled in with your favorite drinks in hand, in your most comfortable recliner. And realize that your television is mounted at an uncomfortably high angle that makes it impractical for daily watching. Whether it was intentional or not, there is a good solution with the Mantel Mount product made just for flat screen televisions.

Offering swivel, tilt, and up and down movements, you'll find that the Mantel Mount hardware offers you so much more flexibility in the way that you watch television now.

Are you looking for a great way to incorporate your outdoor safe television to your outdoor living space? With the installation of your Mantel Mount you'll be able to enjoy watching your favorite shows or taking in the big game without worrying about craning your neck uncomfortably.

Mantel Mount has designed and engineered a durable and practical solution. You'll be the talk of the neighborhood once they see that you have the best in-home entertainment spot, and can get the custom level you want for your flat screen television.