Based out of Mumbai, India, Kaleen is a company that boasts the talents of more than 3,000 skills artisans to produce incredibly detailed textiles. Kaleen has offices across the globe, with their US base of operations being in Dalton, Georgia. In business for over 40 years, Kaleen provides textiles that go beyond the simple and practical. They offer fashion-forward trendy designs, outstanding quality, and rugs that offer the durability you deserve.

It is amazing the difference that a well-placed rug can make in both and indoor and an outdoor living space. The Kaleen catalog of rugs offers some beautifully designed choices that will help to define your areas, enhance your overall style, and of course prove to be a great way to tie a room or space together.

The detail and texture on each rug is unmatched, and will definitely help you to make the design statement you intend it to.

Durability is assured, with rugs that will prove themselves to be easy to clean, and low maintenance. You'll be impressed with how well your new indoor or outdoor rugs stand up to even every day use in and around your home.

Create the perfect conversation spot, with comfortable seating and a boldly colored rug to help make the area look as cozy as possible. Use a vibrant rug to help add a pop of color in your kitchen, under your table, or opt for a contemporary dark rug that will welcome guests into your home.

There are many great choices from Kaleen, and you are sure to find just the right rug for your home decor needs.