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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Kent, Washington, Greenington Furniture was brought to life by the company president. Having spent more than two decades manufacturing quality bamboo products, he was more than ready to design and manufacture his own line of exceptional solid bamboo furniture.

His expertise and experience working with bamboo, which is the planet's eco-friendliest and renewable resource, allows for the company to fast rise to the top of the bamboo furniture industry. With a reputation today of producing quality products that exhibit enduring beauty and contemporary style, Greenington offers something to suit every sense of design and style.

The bamboo sourced for the furniture in this catalog comes from fully-sustainable and fast-growing forests. As one of the most renewable resources we have, bamboo is a great choice in raw natural materials for the furniture you will live with.

Bamboo is not just harder and more durable than woods like red oak, it also boasts rich grain variations. The company maintains their eco-friendly approach by utilizing natural staining methods using heat and pressure to create the rich tones in their furniture products.

Design the ultra-sleek and chic bedroom of your dreams, create a warm and welcoming dining room, or adorn with great decor pieces that help to tie your room design together.

Bamboo is a versatile wood that will bring some of nature's best beauty right into your home for you.