Fontana Forni

Headquartered in Florence, South Carolina, Fontana Forni has artisanal roots that stretch back to Italy in 1945, when Giuseppe Fontana returned from serving during the war. In need of a way to earn a living, Giuseppe started making cast-iron tools for local farmers. In just a few short years he was joined by two of his brothers, who worked with him to expand the business and the products that the bourgeoning business offered.

By 1973 the business was moved into a large industrial space in order to continue expansion on what was already a firm reputation as one of Italy's premiere metal crafters. Paying attention to an energy crisis that impacted the region in the 1970s, the ingenious brothers set out to design and build an indirect combustion oven.

The oven was a rousing success, and soon led to a total revolution in the way that Italy cooked by wood fire.

Today the business employs 28 talented craftsmen who work together to produce one of the best wood-fired ovens on the market.  With the combination of old-world Italian craftsmanship, and the latest in modern technology, the line of ovens offer unmatched durability and functionality. Your investment is sure to fast become one of your favorite parts of your kitchen.

Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, with a wood fired pizza oven that makes cooking food and entertaining family and friends a great experience each and every time.