Founded in 2002 by Tim McDonald, Firescapes offers a line of products that are not only practical and functional, but that also bring with them a level of elegant charm that you'll fall in love with each and every time you look at your fire pit.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, FireScapes fire pits boast one of the largest burn areas when held in comparison to other similar products on the market. This means that they offer a larger flame, and in turn provide more heat and light when they are in use.

Humble beginnings that rose out of a request from a client of his landscape and maintenance business have led FireScapes to bring to market quality outdoor fire pits that are portable and that also burn liquid propane.

Each of the fire pits in the collection has been carefully designed to ensure that safety is not compromised in the name of aesthetics.

The FireScapes fire pits are made using quality materials that can stand up to the elements, and to the high temperatures that they will face when in use. This assures you of an investment that will last for many good years to come.

You'll find that your portable fire pit can be installed anywhere you're looking to add a fire feature. The elevated floor allows for a natural and cooling draft that will help to keep the lower side of the pit cool and safe for use on the outdoor surfaces you'll be using it on.

Create the patio of your dreams, with a fire feature that'll give you a great focal point for conversation with family and friends.