Add a natural, realistic look to your fire bowl with fire stones from Starfire Direct. Take advantage of a vast, high quality selection that’s only a click away.

A Classic, Elegant Look

Starfire Direct’s fire stones offer the home or business owner a classy, authentic alternative to gas fire logs. Add a modern, earthy appeal to your environment. The ceramic gas fire stones are heat resistant and won’t crack or pop in the fire, making them a safer option than actual stones. They can also handle the outdoor elements, never tarnishing in the severe conditions. They’ll look just as good when the fire isn’t lit!

The fire stones from Starfire Direct are handpicked to ensure the best quality for our customers. You can feel confident that each bag only contains smooth, stylish stones that will last and let you cover your gas ports or fire bowl in style. The multiple sizes of the stones give them a more realistic look!

An Affordable Way to Dress Up Your Fire Bowl

Change doesn’t have to cost a lot, nor must it be expensive to improve the appearance of your fire system. The polished river stones or coarse lava stones can add a stylish touch to the surrounding environment at a fraction of the cost of other decoration changes. Because the fire stones from Starfire Direct are so affordable you can change the assortment with your mood, using terracotta river rock stones for one gathering, and ivory tan stones for another.

Why spend the extra money on gas driving across the state to brick and mortar stores, only to pay more anyway?

A Wide Selection

Earning the satisfaction of their customers is paramount to Starfire Direct, which is why we offer such a diverse and high quality selection of gas fire stones. Consider ivory river rock stones for a chic, elegant addition to your fire pit. Slate black stones are ideal for homes with wooden decor and strong, dark colors. Achieve an earthy appeal with terracotta fire stones, or go natural with the assorted collection. There’s no reason to limit your creativity, thanks to the wide selection of firestones for fire pits at Starfire Direct.

The bags of gas fire stones from Starfire Direct also come in a variety of sizes, so you only have to purchase the amount that your fire system requires. It’s just another way we try to meet your hearth system needs.

Stones That Last

You can order fire stones for fire pits from Starfire Direct with confidence that they’ll last. All fire stones are made from high quality ceramic engineering that is resistant to both the heat and outdoor weather. Our fire stones for fire pits are resistant to cracking or popping in the flames, as some other lower quality brands might. We have such confidence in our fire stones that many of them come with a lifetime warranty. Please check the details of your product to find out more.

To quickly and affordably dress up your fire bowl, order fire stones from Starfire Direct today!