Pioneering the industry of fireplace log lighters, Blue Flame got its start as Canterbury over 55 years ago. At that time, Joe Leighton invented the now commonplace device that now lights fires in homes across North America. His innovative Blue Flame fireplace lighters were designed to improve efficiency while cutting costs. The design also reduces emissions, making their log lighters an eco-friendly choice. Their passion project has helped families enjoy their fireplaces for generations, with no end in sight.

Over the years their product line has expanded, but their commitment to high-quality Blue Flame products has shown through in their longevity. Many of their employees have served their customers from their Corona, California location for over 30 years. Blue Flame provides well-crafted fireplace keys and safe accessories for fireplaces and barbecues, so you can enjoy the company of friends and family no matter the season.

Proudly made in the USA, Blue Flame is a family owned business that serves consumers and commercial companies alike.