Aglow Lighting

With a focus on innovative LED products that can enhance your outdoor living experience, Aglow Lighting brings to life a number of pieces that will effortlessly boost the ambiance of your outdoor space. The complete Aglow Lighting catalog includes LED furniture, LED glow orbs for your home and garden, ice buckets, and more.

Headquartered in La Mesa, California, Aglow Lighting boasts a trendy California vibe that will easily see their items right at home in your home. As a leader in the LED furniture and accessories industry, this company offers LED lighting solutions for both consumer and commercial applications. The hospitality industry can also greatly benefit from the innovative LED lighting solutions that this industry leader provides.

Each thoughtfully designed product in the Aglow Lighting catalog is powered by a rechargeable battery and will provide hours of soft glowing ambient light where you need it the most. Light up a lawn for an evening cocktail party, or create the perfect evening wedding venue, with Aglow LED orbs that has been designed with comfort and elegance in mind.

With choices that are wireless, and a select few that are waterproof, there are endless applications for the LED innovations offered by the Aglow Lighting company.