What type of fuel should I choose?

Propane: Also known as liquid propane, this fuel source is a common choice and emits the most heat. Propane can be fueled by a hard line or through refillable propane tanks.
Natural Gas: 
Natural gas is the same fuel that typically heats homes and is run to the fire source through a buried hard line.
Ethanol/Gel: Bioethanol fuel, also known as biofuel or simply ethanol, is an eco-friendly solution. This renewable source of energy is created from plant byproduct. When lit, the fuel does not emit a spark or smoke, just flame, steam, and carbon dioxide.
Wood: The most traditional fuel source, wood fires simply require logs to create the fire.
Pellets: Made of compacted wood fibers, pellets burn at a regulated temperature without the heat spots of traditional wood fires.


Jeri Simpson