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How are the FPPK Inserts powered?

They use an AA battery for spark- this is a good option if A/C power cannot be obtained at the fire pit site.

What are the benefits of the FPPK inserts?

The FPPK inserts are perfect if flame sensing safety is desired, and there is no power available to the fire pit site. The FPPK system also uses a spark generator, so no match lighting is required, and your flame height is adjustable with the use of a manual knob.

How do the Remote Electronic Fire Pit Inserts work?

Once power is applied to the unit (120vac or 24vac), the system will allow gas to flow to the pilot assembly- the hot wire igniter will glow igniting the gas. The thermocouple on the pilot assembly will sense this pilot flame and safely open the valve to the main burner- the pilot flame then ignites the main burner. If at any time the pilot flame is lost, the unit will turn off the gas for safety, and then automatically restart.

What is an ODS pilot?
ODS stands for Oxygen Depletion System, and is the essential component of making a vent free fire feature safe. The ODS pilot monitors the oxygen in the room, to maintain safety. If the oxygen levels in the room drop below 18%, the ODS pilot will automatically shut the gas off. The ODS shut-off point is defined by a minimum set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z21.11.2.

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